332 – November 28 – This Day in Baptist History Past

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Stay steadfast unto the end

Elijah Baker was born in Virginia in 1748. At age 21, he was baptized by the renowned Separatist Baptist preacher, Samuel Harris. Philip Hughes was born on November 28, 1750. When he was 23, he was baptized by the prominent regular Baptist preacher, David Thompson. The two men became fast friends, and both were greatly used of God. It will be remembered that Elijah Baker became one of the forty-four Baptist preachers who was incarcerated for preaching without the approval of Virginia’s state church (Anglican). After 58 days of imprisonment in the Accomac, County Jail, and being transferred from vessel to vessel, and the ships captains became incensed with Baker’s preaching, he was finally delivered on to the Delaware shore. Baker began preaching with great power and wonderful results. Souls were saved and Baptist churches were planted. The following year, Philip Hughes joined his friend in Delaware, and the two formed a modern-day team of Paul and Barnabas. Everywhere they went souls were saved and churches were established. A faithful historian wrote, “Messrs. Baker and Hughes were instrumental in founding twenty-one churches in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and spent much time in visiting them, as fathers do their children.” However, in time reverend Hughes changed theological courses. He apparently carried his Calvinism to its extreme and became Antinomian in his thinking, and thus became widely separated from his former companion in labor, Mr. Baker. He became intemperate in habit as well as Antinomian in view. His last days were a blot upon his first. He died at Dr. Lemon’s (bitter), where Mr. Baker had ended his days so gloriously.

“This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins pp. 694 – 695


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