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Hans Hut was a sixteenth-century Anabaptist who was martyred for his faith. He had been led to Christ through the ministry of Hans Denck, and the change in his life was immediate and obvious, touching the lives of many others. He was immersed on May 26, 1526, and soon he was privately sharing the gospel and preaching at every opportunity. It appears that shortly after Hans’ conversion others in his family were being saved, including his unnamed daughter. While her father was away in Augsburg on a mission trip, this young lady was arrested for becoming an Anabaptist. When she refused to disavow her Lord, she was declared guilty of heresy and sentenced to death. Capital punishment at that time was different for men and women. Men were chained to stakes and burned, but ladies were put in sacks, weighted with iron and dropped into the nearest river. In this fashion, on January 25, 1527, approximately six months after Hans’ baptism, his daughter gave her life for the testimony of the Lord Jesus. One can only imagine the emotions filling the young woman’s father when he returned home. What was it – grief, pride, joy? Hans had little time to mourn. After attending the so-called Martyr’s Synod in Augsburg the following August, Hans was arrested. He was terribly abused by his inquisitors, being pulled apart on the rack. Then on December 6, 1527 a fire was started in his cell, and a short while later he died, joining his daughter before the throne of their Savior. Hans Hut is said to have brought more people into early Ana baptism than all the other Anabaptist evangelists of his time put together.

Dr. Dale R. Hart, from: “Ana Baptist History”



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