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Rappahannock County, VARappahannock Story

Always Abounding

                        The Northern Neck, a peninsula lying between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers, is one of the most historic sections of Virginia. George Washington, James Madison, John Monroe, and Robert E. Lee were all born there. Also, the first public association formed in America for resistance to the Stamp Act was organized on the 27th day of February 1766. Addison Hall was born, September 3, 1797, at Heathsville, the county seat of Northumberland and one of the counties of the Northern Neck. Addison studied law by himself and was licensed to practice law, and was elected to the House of Delegates for five sessions. Mr. Hall did not become a Christian until he was more than half way through his life. A sermon by Rev. Samuel Lamkin,  was when he publicly acknowledged concern and later received Christ as his Savior in a friend’s room. A few weeks later, on October 19, 1819, he was baptized. While serving in the Legislature, he met Rev. J.B. Jeter and hoped Rev. Jeter could become his pastor. Hall invited him to his home and church on a weekend, which resulted in Rev. Jeter later becoming his pastor. One Sunday Rev. Jeter was unexpectedly absent, so Mr. Hall preached to the congregation. After that, he preached often and was licensed by the church on June 20, 1829. The church’s that Pastor Hall lead had great revivals, with hundreds added to the membership.  Numerous times Hall was asked to represent his county. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1851, and a member of the Virginia Convention in 1861. Addison Hall was always abounding in the work of the Lord, until his death on Sunday, April 2, 1871.

 Dr. Dale R. Hart From: “This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins pp. 512 – 513

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