218 – Aug. 06 – This Day in Baptist History Past

Thompson, E. Wayne

Authority for Baptism

 1756 – On the third Sunday of August in 1945, E. Wayne Thompson, Co-Author, This Day in Baptist History I & II, walked into an antique store in a small log building in the village of New Market, Virginia.   He had no idea that it was the original meetinghouse of the Smith’s Creek Church, which was constituted Aug. 6, 1756.  For the next forty-eight years he would preach at the church which is still in existence.  Baptists had been in the area twelve years prior having come into the area from the Philadelphia Association.  One, John Harrison had travelled to Oyster Bay, MA, to be baptized.  James Ireland moved to the area as a school teacher and preached there many times.  Men like John Gano had also preached there.  Anderson Moffatt, a fellowprisoner of Ireland in the Culpepper jail, assumed the pastorate and served the church for over fifty years.  He too had suffered much for the preaching of the gospel.

Prepared by Dr. Greg Dixon

Smith’s Creek Church, constituted. [Robert B. Semple, History of the Baptists in Virginia, rev. ed. ( Lafayette, Tenn.: Church History Research and Archives, 1976), p. 377]

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