LGTB Affirming Churches Add Rainbow Glitter To Ash Wednesday

(Publishers comment: we condemn the practice of “Ash Wednesday” as being a pagan practice and by no means consider the Roman Catholic Church a New Testament church.  We shared this article for two main reasons, first to show the relentlessness of the LGTB agenda.  Also to show how this movement has pervaded Roman Catholicism as well as Protestantism.) Prophecy News…

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Court Claims Constitutional “Right” To Commit Adultery

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that the Roseville, Calif., police department violated the Constitution when they fired a probationary officer for having an extramarital affair with a colleague. The decision contradicts rulings in other federal appeals courts on similar issues, suggesting the Supreme Court may soon intervene. The case was occasioned when an internal affairs investigation revealed…

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