‘We’re just going to be strong for our kids until the end.’

  Toronto family experiences panic, terror at false missile alert in Hawaii The Hawaiian officials apologized Saturday when a push alert sent by mistake warned of an incoming ballistic missile. For nearly 40 minutes, it seemed like the world was about to end in Hawaii, an island paradise already jittery about nuclear threats from North Korea. HONOLULU—A push alert…

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Ohio Abortion Provider Targets Black Community in Cleveland With Billboard Campaign

Preterm, a leading Ohio abortion provider, recently launched a new campaign that is specifically targeting the Black community in Cleveland. The company recently paid for 16 billboards in the Cleveland area that display slogans beginning with the phrase “Abortion is …” followed by different endings, such as “a parenting decision,” “a blessing,” “liberty,” “your right,” “life-saving,” “a second chance,” and…

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