Democrat Russian Connection

John Podesta SOURCE:   (Angry Patriot) – May 14, 2017 New connections to Russia emerge, as Democrats flounder to accuse President Trump of being Vladimir Putin’s puppet. But it’s who those connections line up with that will have you up in arms. New evidence indicates that Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russian government. Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was on the board of…

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Tennessee Homeowner Credits Jesus Christ After Georgia Fugitives Surrender in His Driveway

CHRISTIANA, Tenn. — A Tennessee homeowner rejected the label of hero and instead pointed to Jesus Christ while speaking at a press conference on Friday about the capture of two escaped Georgia inmates who murdered two correctional officers while in transport to another prison. Patrick Hale, 35, says that he had been alerted by friends on Thursday night that the convicts,…

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