Will Damascus be destroyed?

Damascus Will be Destroyed but Let Muslims Do It! Don Boys, Ph.D.   Damascus is the world’s oldest city, more than 6,000 years old, and it will be destroyed to the point of being a “ruinous heap.” Unattended sheep will wander in the streets with no one to shepherd them. Isa. 17:1 declares, “ The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus…

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Stanford Accepts Student For Admission Who Wrote Essay That Simply Repeated The Phrase “Black Lives Matter” 100 Times

  Ziad Ahmed didn’t expect to get into Stanford. The high school senior from New Jersey thought his “unapologetic activism” might turn off the prestigious West Coast university. The 18-year-old has a long track record of liberal activism. He founded the teen organization Redefy, which works to defy stereotypes, and co-founded a youth-centered consulting firm called JÜV Consulting. Last year…

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