Iran Naval Cmdr. Admits Truth About Captured Sailors

Adm. Ali Fadavi – BREAKING: Iran Naval Cmdr. Admits Truth About Captured Sailors… Obama Scrambles According to the Tasnim News Agency, Adm. Ali Fadavi, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps of Iran, stated that his sailors had withdrawn a considerable amount of intelligence from the United States sailors captured in January. “We have extracted extensive information from their (American sailors’) laptops and…

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This Day in Baptist History Past

Aplington Baptist Church – During War and Fire The history of the Aplington Baptist Church is an unfolding story of God’s dealings with a people redeemed by Him, who lived and labored for Him. During the years of 1869-71, a number of the members of the congregation of the Ostfriesen Baptist Church of Silver Creek, Illinois (now Baileyville), moved to…

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