Famous Preacher Becomes De facto Pacifist! – Don Boys, Ph.D.

John Piper  John Piper is a well-respected, almost revered, preacher especially in Reformed groups; but recently he ran off the rails resulting in a minor train wreck. He discussed “Guns and Martyrdom” using the 1956 killing of five dedicated missionaries deep in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador as basis for his blog. There is no doubt that that Ecuadorian…

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Coming to America? Lawmakers warn: UK Govt. could dictate Sunday-school lessons

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are warning that a new procedure by bureaucrats to inspect organizations that provide teaching to children outside of public school classrooms could mean the government will end up dictating Sunday School lessons. “This would be an intolerable but very real possibility given the clear desire of the Department for Education to investigate what it calls…

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