William Carey He couldn’t say No!  1801 – On this day William Carey, known as “the Father of Modern Missions”, was asked to be the professor of Bengali in the new College.   Carey, having never attended college, questioned whether he could produce in the classroom.  But this modest, unassuming man did produce, twenty-one of his first forty-five students rose to…

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Chili’s Caves To Medical Mafia; Cancels Support For Autism Awareness Efforts

(NaturalNews) The medical mafia is alive and well in America today, where pro-vaccine thought police routinely engage in malicious campaigns to smear anyone who dares ask the question “Are vaccines linked to autism?” When Chili’s recently announced they would make a one-day gesture to provide financial assistance to families devastated by autism, even that was too much for the medical…

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Justified By Faith Baptist Church Moves into new building

Pastor McGhee cutting the ribbon The Justified By Faith Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana moved into a new building this Sunday April 06 at 902 Chester Street.  Bro. Jeffrey McGhee is the pastor.  Justified by Faith Baptist is an Unregistered Baptist church.  This is one of the twenty churches planted in the Indianapolis area by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple since…

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