2 Youth Xchanges + 200 decisions for Christ=Amazing!


A 16 year old shot a killed an innocent man on a morning stroll. In PA, several stabbings happened at a local high school this week. We have seen numerous homicides in Indianapolis this year.

“Someone needs to stand up and do something!”

“Someone needs to take charge!”

Have you found yourself making these statements? Maybe we should be the ones to do something. Maybe we should be the ones to take charge. How do we make a difference? We invest our time, energy, sometimes money, into our youth. We tell them about Jesus. We let our message scream louder than the world’s. We love them. We encourage them. Rejoice in their accomplishments. Encourage them to pursue their dreams. You may be the only one in their lives to ever truly care about them. If we really stopped talking about how bad the world is getting and start talking about ways to share Jesus and doing it….the world would be a different place. The disciples….just twelve men….changed the world because they were obedient to Christ and took His mission seriously.

Well Greg A. Dixon, Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and a motivated group of people from his church did do something this week as they have done in the past as they conducted two Youth Xchanges at two public schools in Indianapolis; Crispus Attucks High School on Wednesday and Longfellow Middle School on Friday afternoon.  Evangelist Randy Hogue, who was saved at the Temple over forty years ago was the guest preacher.  There were over two hundred professions of faith in Christ.  The Baptist Temple has been conducting these meetings for three years now with the cooperation of school authorities.  Randy will be the guest speaker at the Baptist Temple in all services this Sunday.

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