Algerius -Burning

Algerius Burning

Living With Eternity in View

During his academic training, Algerius met another student whom he found interesting. The young man, an Anabaptist, spoke of a personal knowledge of, and relation to Jesus Christ. He spoke boldly of his faith, and Algerius was attracted to what he was hearing. A Bible study ensued, and in the course of time, Algerius too came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. It was not long before Algerius requested believer’s baptism. Soon his testimony was made know to members of the Inquisition, and he was arrested. To dissuade him from continuing with the Anabaptists, in prison he was forced to witness tortures of both criminals and Anabaptists. From prison he wrote compelling letters telling of his experiences. The Inquisition leadership were anxious that Algerius be salvaged for the Roman church.  In time it was thought a visit with the Pope would suffice to change his views, and he was transported to Rome. Pope Paul IV did his best to persuade young Algerius by recounting the power of Rome, but again failure resulted. Taken to the stake, he was stripped to his waist and boiling oil was poured over his head and body. Those that gathered watched as the fire was lit and ignited the flowing oil. It was but a matter of a few minutes, and Algerius left that scene to open his eyes in glory. He had penned a letter that lives on!   These words concluded the letter: “All these earthy things are only shadows; they are all transient, and a vanity of vanities to those who miss the hope and essence of eternal life.”And was signed as follows: “Written in the most delightful pleasure garden of the prison, called Leonia, the 12th day of July A.D. 1557.”



Dr. Dale R. Hart from: “This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins pp. 402 – 404

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